The openATTIC project has entered maintenance mode. New feature development has been discontinued in favor of enhancing the upstream Ceph Dashboard.

See this blog post for details.

Developer Documentation

openATTIC consists of a set of components built on different frameworks, which work together to provide a comprehensive Ceph storage management platform.

This document describes the architecture and components of openATTIC and provides instructions on how to set up a development environment and work on the various components included in the openATTIC code base.

If you would like to contribute to the openATTIC project, you need to prepare a development environment first.

Follow the outlined steps to Create Your own openATTIC git Fork on BitBucket.

Next, follow the instructions on Setting up a Development System with Vagrant or Setting up a Development System. Then code away, implementing whatever changes you want to make.

If you’re looking for inspiration or some easy development tasks to get started with, we’ve created a list of low hanging fruit tasks that are limited in scope and should be fairly easy to tackle.

See Contributing Code to openATTIC for details on how to submit your changes to the upstream developers. Follow the openATTIC Contributing Guidelines to make sure your patches will be accepted.

If your changes modify documented behaviour or implement new functionality, the documentation should be updated as well. See Working on the openATTIC documentation for instructions on how to update the documentation.